# LevelcheckNPC setup

Citizens is a plugin that gives you the option to create NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in Minecraft. You can use them for a lot of different things. On this page you can read what you can do with Citizens in combination with MinetopiaSDB.


To use this functionality you need to have the Citizens plugin installed. You can find the correct version on the setup page.

# Commands

To create a levelcheck NPC, you need to use the /levelcheck npc command. To execute this command, you need the permission minetopiasdb.levelcheck.

LevelcheckNPC setup

# Changes

Now that you have spawned a levelcheck NPC, you can change a couple of settings. If you want to change something about the levelcheck NPC, you'll have to select him first. You can do this by typing /npc select. After you've selected your NPC you can do a couple of different things:

  • You can change the skin by using /npc skin .
  • You can force the NPC to look at the nearest player with /npc lookclose.