# Introduction

MinetopiaSDB is the most active remake Minetopia plugin at the moment, a lot of work is being done on a daily basis and therefore, MinetopiaSDB is updated often.

MinetopiaSDB means quality. That's why this plugin contains a lot of functions and strives toward causing as little lag as possible. This is also the reason that many large servers such as Craftville use MinetopiaSDB.

Are you already convinced? Then take a quick look at the setup page to get started!

# Functions

  • A customizable chat with your prefix and level
  • A fully customizable scoreboard with for example fitness, level and bankbalance
  • An ATM (Red Sandstone Stairs)
  • A trashcan (Dropper)
  • A vending machine (Piston), where you can buy goody bags with Lucky Shards
  • Support for PlaceholderAPI placeholders
  • Built-in PlaceholderAPI placeholders
  • Permissions for player and admin commands
  • Levelcheck NPC where players can automatically request a new level
  • Detectiepoortjes to prevent smuggling of illegal items
  • Pinconsoles where players can pay with a bankcard
  • Possibility to edit almost all messages
  • A developer API (opens new window)
  • New: The option to divide your cities over multiple servers with the BungeeCord functionality!