# Permissions


This page only includes the permissions for functions which are not bound to a command. The command permissions are included on the player commands and admin commands pages.

Permission Description
minetopiasdb.walkytalky Use walkytalkies
minetopiasdb.chatspy Read chat messages from players outside of your chat radius
minetopiasdb.commandspy See which commands the players are executing
minetopiasdb.changehelmet Change the helmets of armorstands to items on the headwhitelist
minetopiasdb.chatbypass Bypass antiswear, anticaps and antispam
minetopiasdb.handcuff Handcuff players with the handcuff item
minetopiasdb.detectiongate.bypass Bypass detectiongates (never find illegal items)
minetopiasdb.detectiongate.alert Receive an alert if a detectiongate goes off when you're in range