# Admin commands

Description: Use /sdb for the help page.
Permission: minetopiasdb.sdb

Description: With /calculate you can see the buildingsprice of a selected area.
Permission: minetopiasdb.calculate
Aliases: /bereken

Description: Use /staffchat [message] to send a message in the staffchat or use /staffchat to join the staffchat.
Permission: minetopiasdb.staffchat
Aliases: /sc, /staffc

Description: You need a plotwand to create plots or use /calculate.
Permission: minetopiasdb.plotwand

Description: Get (or open) the admintool.
Permission: minetopiasdb.admintool

Description: Use /levelcheck to spawn a levelcheck NPC or to execute a levelcheck.
Permission: minetopiasdb.levelcheck

Description: Change playerdata (such as level and fitness) of a player.
Permission: minetopiasdb.mod
Permissions per subcommand:

Permissie Descrpiption
minetopiasdb.mod.setlevel Change the level of a player
minetopiasdb.mod.setcolor Change the namecolor of a player
minetopiasdb.mod.setfitness Change the fitness of a player (using /mod addfitness or /mod setfitness)
minetopiasdb.chatspy Toggle chatspy
minetopiasdb.commandspy Toggle commandspy

Description: With /openbank you can look at the bankaccount(s) of a player.
Permission: minetopiasdb.openbank

Description: With /mtworld you can enable MinetopiaSDB in a world and change the scoreboardcolor, title or temperature.
Permission: minetopiasdb.mtworld
Aliases: /mtwereld, /wereld

Description: With /mtcity you can enable MinetopiaSDB in a worldguard region and change the scoreboardcolor, title or temperature.
Permission: minetopiasdb.mtcity
Aliases: /mtstad, /stad

Description: With keys you can open all the chests en doors on plots.
Permission: minetopiasdb.key
Aliases: /sleutel

Description: Create books for things such as fines, drivingslicenses or passports.
Permission: minetopiasdb.book
Aliases: /boek Permissions:

Permission Description
minetopiasdb.book.fine Write out fines
minetopiasdb.book.receipt Create receipts
minetopiasdb.book.identification Create ID cards
minetopiasdb.book.kvk Create a business registration book
minetopiasdb.book.plotregistration Create a plotregistration book
minetopiasdb.book.driverslicense Write out driverslicenses
minetopiasdb.book.permit Create permits
minetopiasdb.book.vog Create a certificate of conduct
minetopiasdb.book.diploma Create certificates
minetopiasdb.book.prescription Create drug prescriptions
minetopiasdb.book.cheque Create cheques

Description: With /deathban you can toggle deathban or unban players who are deathbanned.
Permission: minetopiasdb.deathban

Description: Open a menu with (nearly) all the items from the DDG resourcepack.
Permission: minetopiasdb.ddgitems
Aliases: /fitheiditems, /rugzak, /backpack, /fitnessitems, /wapens, /weapons

Description: Give items a glow or unbreakable effect, or create armor.
Aliases: /glow, /unbreakable, /boots, /kleding, /prullenbak, /trashcan Permissions:

Permission Subcommand Description
minetopiasdb.sdbitems * Execute all /sdbitems commands
minetopiasdb.sdbitems.glow glow Give items a glow effect
minetopiasdb.sdbitems.unbreakable unbreakable Make an item unbreakable
minetopiasdb.sdbitems.boots boots Get special boots
minetopiasdb.sdbitems.clothes clothes Get colored clothes
minetopiasdb.sdbitems.trashcan prullenbak Open a trashcan
minetopiasdb.sdbitems.chargetaser chargetaser Charge your taser
minetopiasdb.sdbitems.fillpepperspray fillpepperspray Fill your pepperspray

Description: With /bankaccount you can modify savings, company or government bankaccounts.
Permission: minetopiasdb.bankaccount
Aliases: /rekening, /ohrekening, /spaarrekening

Description: Use /teleporter to create or delete teleporters.
Permission: minetopiasdb.teleporter

Description: Use /criminalrecord to manage criminal records.
Permission: minetopiasdb.criminalrecord
Aliases: /strafblad, /crimrecord

Description: Use /phone to get phones and manage calling credit.
Permission: minetopiasdb.phone
Aliases: /telefoon, /beltegoed

Description: Use /prefix to open your prefixmenu.
Permission: minetopiasdb.prefix
Aliases: /telefoon, /beltegoed

Description: Spawn in real money and toggle the existence of fake money.
Permission: minetopiasdb.realmoney
Aliases: /echtgeld, /nepgeld, /fakemoney

Description: Modify the content of lootcrates or get random items from lootcrates.
Permission: minetopiasdb.lootcrate
Aliases: /lc

Description: Use /bodysearch to bodysearch other players.
Permission: minetopiasdb.bodysearch
Aliases: /fouilleer

Description: Get a list of players with the longest onlinetime, highest bank balance or highest level
Permission: minetopiasdb.stattop

Description: Manage and give out loans
Permission: minetopiasdb.loan to create loans and manage them
Aliases: /lening, /loans

Description: Handcuff a player
Permission: minetopiasdb.handcuff
Aliases: /handboei